Saturday, June 13, 2009

i make the beat go;

boom (:
maaaaaaaaan, i love that song <3

anyways; life. wow.
summer '09 is FINALLY here.
im outta school, HOPEFULLY going to summer school.
if my momma calls in soon enough.
ugh, that sucks.
they changed it to where you have to have a 4.0 to get in.
isnt that lame? i dont have 4.0 so i cant go >:

went to jenny's party lastnight.
it was sickkkk :]
i danced with a bunch of my hoes,
mainly girls. there wasnt alot of guys,
well for me; but i got my guy fix(:
&he was a pretty damn good dancerr:D
yeaaaah, got a $100 for promotion.
DEFINETLY buying Lines, Vines, &Trying Times
on tuesday. no doubt bout that.
&i think i wanna get my hair cut.
shorter bangs, &more layers.
FOR shure (:

visited with my aunt todaay.
she brought my babies(: &her boyfraan.
we hung out, took pics, &played with Yorick & Phineas.
cutest babies in the worldd ;)

ehh /: i cant TAKE this anymore.
i dont think ive ever cryed so much in ONE day.
baby i need you back, im so sorry.
i cant believe i let you go like that.
dont walk away from me, please.

im done.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

let's take it slowww;

Alabama Crimson Tide ! [:
1st Place, Undefeated :)

so, this weekend hasnt been the best, but it was fuuun (:
friday: school. nothing really that interesting. then went home, waited for my grandpa to get home, &then he took me shopping :p
went to ross, saw some cute stuff. got a pair of really super cute jeans.
&a pair of blackk shorts, which match my blue&blackk top (:
then went to Long John Silver's. i dont think i have EVER laughed that hard with my mom&sisterrr.
mom - *raises eyebrows in a flirty waaay* 'how bout that one ? he's all tatted up, he's a studd !'
me - *does the same thing towards the guys FRAAN* 'Maa, he's like oldd. maybe for you, but yuckk. he's got a cute facee.. OMG ! stopp it ! i have a boyfraan !'
ewww ! Hailey bleww chunks ! [she didnt throw upp, she was jst laughing really harrrd.]
haha, that was sooo funny (:
then went home, called a couple of people, then went to my grandma's houseee.
passed out at about 12, woke up @ 6 /:
got in the showerrr, then went to noble creek @ 7. waited there for Missy.
practiced with herrr, then the rest of the team got there.
started our game at 9 against Tennesse.
we only had 8 playah's, but we still won, 17-14 ! [:
so we got first place, UNDEFEATED ! :]]
had a little AppleCider fight after the game, &then went to El Mariachi. they got some bomb food (:
then went back to watch my cousins' game. they got second plaace (:
After that,
i went home, &took a shower.
went straight to Mickey Valdivia's house with Eric♥, cj, jordan, &vanessa.
went swimming with Cj, then the guys got in.
we all jst hung out, &got in the spaa (:
mom recorded me, whatta dork :p
then i went straight to Closing Ceremonies :(
it was saaad, but at least i got 1st place (:
&then went &talked to eric &jordan.
said bye to them, then went to my grandma's house.
fell asleep cause i was POOPED.
my grandpa woke me up @ 6 again, but i jst layed there.
got on the computerr, &they took me home.
worked on ms.langford's projectt.
got that done, &now im jst talking to people.
you should get at me (:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

daaaang /:

its been a while since ive actually been on here /:
oh well, im back now (:

so life has been absolutely amazing,
i must say (:
summer'09 is almost here, yay <3

but anyways, im no longer single♥
eric quintanilla be the name, & he is pretty darn amazing.
he met the parents already /:
yes, mom read one of my notes, so that's how she found out.
but jst to say, i like him alot <3

drama is so overrated.
either you fixx it, or you dont.
& some stupid chicks dont want to solve anything.
but whatever, KARMA (:

i seriously love my girls,
like i could NOT ask for better.
all of them have always been there.
can you ask for better frenns ?
haha, i♥youguys(:
so basically,
im happy (:

softball has been GREAT.
alabama crimson tide ; undefeated (:
so bite me x]
still absouletely love the Jonas Brothers <3
Lines,Vines,&TryingTimes = 61509 ! [:

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


tomorrow night.
fox theaters.
The Haunting In Connecticut.
that movie looks sooooo bomb <3
hit me up if you wanna go.
& i got a date,
yay me (:

so hit me up,
im down to kick it :p

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sooo Over It Baby; (:

yay, its not killing me anymore (:

can you make my break funner?
im down :p
hit me up<3

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dont Take My Heart & Put In On A Shelf;

im so hurt.
i dont think he truely loves me as much as i love him.
so what can i do?
have a heart to heart?
juhs leave him alone?
i really cannot decide.
love sucks.
but i juhs cant get out of this one.
he is probably the most amazing things that has ever happened to me.
besides my girls[:
let me know what i should do.
this is killing me.
c'mon. i was crying because of him friday, & yesterday, & a little today.
& friday was my party.
thats bad.
he juhs doesnt UNDERSTAND me.
maybe if i did what he wanted me to,
the deal would be sealed.
& that would be amazing.
but im too much of a sissy.
why cant i do that?
ick. its kinda weird when i think about it.
i juhs need to get things cleared up with him.
ill talk to him tomorrow.

& thank you jess,
i juhs realized that he has been stuck on me,
& for all the girls he has let go,
i have NEVER been one of them.
so i most likely have a place in his heart.
no doubt bout that.

i have to talk to him.
that is for shure.

help me please?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We Made Upppp[:
So No More Drama Guys.
Another AWESOME Day.
The Girls Are Amazing.
Lunch Was Sooo Funny :p
Breona Had To Pee; But She Didnt Want To Cuz..
Nevermind[: I Cant Sayyyyy.
The We Went Outside;
&nd I Really Could Not Stop Laughing.
Really. Ha[:
Amy Squirted Juice All Over Anna.
&nd I Laughed More.
Breona's Boobs Are Pillowwwwwws.
&nd There So Soft[:

SanJose = 2Days.<3

Get @ Me[: